LED Game Board

Control a grid of LEDs with your phone over the internet to play games like Pong!

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The basic concept of this project was to create an interactive game for anyone that can access a webpage. We envisioned having this be a display piece in our computer engineering department for any and all to enjoy. I will now go through the timeline of this project. You can (roughly) follow along with these

We (myself, Michael, and Matthew) started with building the board. Mike made 3D models of the grid pieces of wood, and ran them through a laser cutter to get accurately made pieces. Once they were all cut, they were assembled, along with some of the walls to the baseboard. The LEDs came in long strips of 150. We wanted to run the lights in a snake pattern through the grid, so keeping them in one solid strip was not ideal. We cut them to row length and soldered wire connections at the ends. The power, ground, and control cables at the beginning of the lights are connected to a DC barrel jack mounted within the corner of the board walls to lead to external connections.

To be continued…

Here’s the link to the working demo!

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