FPGA cape for BeagleBone Black

Jim Kleiner created a minimal FPGA cape for the BeagleBone Black: BBB LX9 FPGA Board Jim describes his design decisions: I decided to try a minimalist hand solderable FPGA board.  The LX9 is the largest part available in a TQG-144, beyond that its BGAs One of the key points is that the SPI interface is on BBB […]

PRU Interface to ADC using RemoteProc and RPMsg

Greg R recently posted on the BeagleBoard.org mailing list about a BeagleBone Green project that he’s been working on: PRU Interface to ADC using RemoteProc and RPMsg The project is hosted on GitHub:  Greg-R/pruadc1 The goal of this project is to perform real-time digitization of an analog audio waveform, and then to make the digital data-stream […]

Google Research PRUDAQ cape

Jason Holt of Google announced the PRUDAQ cape yesterday: Announcing an Open Source ADC board for BeagleBone We wanted to measure the strength of a carrier. We started with traditional analog circuits — amplifier, filter, envelope detector, threshold. You can see some of our prototypes in the image below; they get pretty messy. The result […]