Resource Links for the Community

The open-source designs are perfect for rapidly building prototypes to express your new idea, but sometimes you need to go beyond and bring your own product to life. The community is loaded with experts that know how to get you there and this is your guide to engaging with them.

First, search the docs and the forum for contributors who might already be working on the challenge you are facing. Once you have some ideas, reach out to the experts to help you get to where you are headed.

Hardware Consultants

  • JK Embedded Consulting – Jason Kridner, Principal at JK Embedded Consulting, is the other primary founder of and is also available to work with you on products to work in conjunction with designs.
  • Austin Circuit Design – Gerald Coley, the hardware developer that brought us the original BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM, BeagleBoard-X15, BeagleBone, and BeagleBone Black, is now at Austin Circuit Design. He’s an obvious first choice when looking to customize a design or build your own.

Manufacturing Partners

  • SeeedStudio – Located in Shenzhen, China, Seeed is a supporter and enabler of open hardware, including design and manufacturing. Reach out to Fiona Yu in regards to related projects.
  • GHI Electronics – Located in Michigan, U.S.A., GHI Electronics has been working with the Octavo Systems OSD3358 system-in-package since it was initially released and provides solutions ranging from system-on-module designs to custom board spins.

Software Consultants and Commercial Linux Providers

We have had particularly good interactions with

A broader list of consultants and commercial Linux providers is below

User contributed list of Linux consultants

The table below lists Linux consultants, along with their areas of expertise and any additional services they provide. The location is given to help customers locate consultants in a similar time zone or with specific language skills. It does not mean that a consultant only does business in that specific country. The table is ordered alphabetically.

Company Name Location(s) Contact Description
Aaron Clarke US Aaron Clarke
– Custom ports of the Linux Kernel and bootloaders
– Experienced bringing up new hardware
– Device driver development
– TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and network programming
– USB host and device
– Troubleshooting and integration
– Prototype development
Aaron Rouhi Washington, DC, US Aaron Rouhi
Severn Labs
– Embedded Linux application designs and development
– Image performance optimization and customization
– Bare-metal ARM firmware development
– Communication protocols based on CANBUS, I2C, SPI, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, 1-Wire, Ethernet, SONET, DMX, MIL-STD-1553, etc…
– Industrial applications based on BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, and other SBCs
– Machine vision applications
Adeneo Embedded France, Germany, Israel, Italy, USA Vijay Raisinghani (USA, APAC)
Jeremy Delicato (W.Europe)
Michael Heinz (C.Europe)
– Linux and Android BSP and Driver development

  • Linux kernel and U-Boot customization
  • Board bring-up
  • Power Management
  • Custom drivers (USB, Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth, Display, HW acceleration, Camera, Audio, …)
  • System performance optimization (Boot time, graphical performances, connectivity)
  • PowerVR engine expertise
  • Android OS integration expertise

– Linux and Android Application Development

  • Android based development
  • GStreamer, OpenGL
  • Expertise on Qt / QML development environment
  • Cloud connectivity, Natural UI, Advanced GUI
Advista Technologies LLC US Tiebing Zhang
– Embedded Linux product development
– Experiened with TI processors and SDK
– Fast turn-around
– Board bring-up
– u-boot customization
– Device Driver development: USB, WiFi, Ethernet, I2C, SPI
– TI video processing
– TI video overlay/OSD
– Qt-based Graphic application development
Archermind China Hai (Jackey) Yang
– Training courses on Linux driver and application development and system integration
– Linux bsp and driver development, including USB, LCD, PMIC, and Bluetooth
– Bootloader development
– Linux application development, including Android
BEC Systems US Cliff Brake
Kernel driver development, building and optimizing kernels and root filesystems, general purpose Linux application build and development, Open Embedded usage expertise
Bill Gatliff US / Worldwide Bill Gatliff
– Training, development and consulting
– Kernel and bootloader customization
– Board design consulting and evaluation
– Custom device driver development
– Kernel and root filesystem creation, optimization and enhancement
– Android, Debian, Emdebian, Open Embedded and fully-custom root filesystem generation
Ceepro ApS Denmark / Worldwide Thomas Soehus
– OMAP, Sitara and Davinci experts (HW and SW)
– Linux BSP and device driver development
– Android platform bring-up and development.
– Root file system development and customization (Yocto, Open embedded, etc.)
– Linux Performance Optimization including boot time, memory and power.
– Power management, including DVFS, suspend/resume, etc.
– General Linux application development.
– Qt4/5 application and UI development for embedded linux.
Cogent Embedded Worldwide Artemi Ivanov
– Architecture/Design/Consulting
– Development/Engineering:

– Low-level enablement: bootcode, BSP/drivers, bare-metal
– Building custom Linux distro-s
– Middleware
– Multi-OS/multi-core
– Migration to OSS
– Performance analysis and optimizations
– Power management

– Support
– Training
– Open Source maintenance

CSS US Sales
– Embedded Linux Consultation Services, including prototyping, hardware, software, mechanical, and manufacturing
Deep Root Systems US Kevin Hilman
– Power Management
– Kernel internals, porting and optimization
– Device driver development and optimization
– getting kernel code to mainline
Digilink Software US Karl Zhao
– Application development for embedded broadcast and streaming video solutions
– Device driver development and optimization
– Rapid prototype and lifecycle development
– Custom graphics user interface development for Qtopia and Android
– Embedded Real-time instrumentation, debugging, profiling and optimization
– Custom protocol development and client/server integration
DLA Systems US Dave Lynch
– Embedded Linux

  • Linux BSP, board bring-up
  • Custom driver development
  • Driver expertise includes serial, net, mtd, filesystem, PCI
  • Custom Bootloader development
  • Toolchains
  • Networking drivers, applications, protocols, reverse engineering
  • Root file system development and customization

-Linux application development

  • Android applications
  • userspace hardware/firmware integration
DSP-Weuffen GmbH Germany / Europe / WW
(main focus: southern Germany / Austria / Switzerland)
Mr. Berger (de) (en)
  • Member of the TI Third Party Network; please ask TI for trainings, e.g. DaVinci™ System Integration using Linux.
  • Consulting, System Conception, System Design (e.g. with camera sensor, watchdog/co-processors, FPGA, etc.), Engineering services
  • Customer Specific System/Component/Module Development (hardware & software) following standards (e.g. ISO-9xxx, V-Model, SPICE, Automotive Spice, MISRA, …)
    • Platforms: TI ARM based & multicore (DM3xx, DM644x, OMAP, TDA2x, other), TI DSP (DM642/7/8, C64x/+, C67x/+, C5x, C2x), TI MCU (MSP430), PC (drivers, 32/64 bit), accellerators (EVE), others
    • Operating Systems: Linux (kernel, drivers, flash file systems, applications, connectivity), DSP-BIOS, Windows, others
    • Codec Programming and Optimization: Codec Engine and VISA (Video, Still Image, Speech, Audio, general purpose Algorithms, other), non-CE based algorithms
    • Interfaces: analog input & camera sensor interfacing for CCDC with ipipe/prev and h3a, analog & digital video output and displays/VENC, PCI/PCI-Express, Ethernet (ETH/MAC/PHY/MII), USB, UART, SPI, CAN, LIN, SD/SDIO, HPI, wireless (BT, WLAN, other), custom protocols and interfaces
    • Peripheral Systems: imaging sensors (e.g. OmniVision, Micron/Aptina), LVDS (e.g. INOVA APIX)
    • related offers: low latency RTSP-transmission over ethernet using HD, HD-Video recording and transmission systems, automotive vision development platform, automotive algorithms, CAN stack, USB-to-HPI interface, MSGQ & MSGQ32 on DSP/ARM/PC, multi processing/multi core systems, medical and military devices & applications, motor control and power supply systems
embWiSe India Srini Srinivasan
– SD/MMC/SDHC Drivers
– SDIO-WiFi driver development/integration/migration for Marvell 88W8686/88W8688 and Atheros AR6001/AR6002 WiFi chipsets
– SDIO driver development around the open source SDIO stack
– CompactFlash Driver development / CF-WiFi driver development
– USB/USB-OTG Driver Development/USB-WiFi driver development
– SPI Host Driver and SPI-WiFi driver development
– Applications: WiFi Access Point/Bridge/Mesh AP development and Zeroconf application/integration
Enea Sweden Johan Hall
– Embedded Linux training courses
– Linux driver and bsp development
– Open Embedded builds and scripts
– Graphics and multimedia solutions including Qtopia, Android, DirectFB and Gstreamer
– General Linux application development and migration
– Embedded Linux system integration
Expert Linux Consultants US Expert Linux Support
– Red Hat Certified Engineers, RHCE, RHCSA, LPIC-1, Novell/SUSE Certified Linux Administrators. Expert paid Linux consulting and expert Linux paid support with decades of experience and a results-oriented focus.
Free Electrons France Michael Opdenacker
– On-site and internet-based Linux and Open Embedded training courses
– Linux driver and bsp development
– Root file system development and customization
– Optimizing Linux boot times
– Reducing power management, including CPU-frequency and voltage scaling, suspend/resume, and idling modes
– General Linux application development
Fuel7 US Tomas Gonzalez
– Linux BSP and custom driver development
– Building and optimizing kernels and toolchain
– Board bringup, boot load customization and optimization
– OpenEmbedded solutions and integration
– High Performace Graphics Solutions
– Qt Embedded, OpenGL, DirectFB, GStreamer
– Low Power Solutions, Power Management
– Embedded Real-Time instrumentation, debugging, profiling and optimization
Global Logic US, Ukraine, UK, India, Argentina, China, Israel Alex Agizim
mail to:
GlobalLogic is a technology services company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with design studios in the US and UK and engineering centers in the US, Ukraine, India, Argentina, and China.
– Deep ARM architecture knowledge
– Best in the industry knowledge of OMAP4/5 family
– Strong Linux kernel expertise and open source contribution
– Deep knowledge of Mobile vertical: from device app to service backend
– Deep knowledge of Automotive Infotainment: from in-car integration to applications
– Over 15 years in Embedded domain, working with products ranging from WiFi APs and STBs to Medical Devices
– Strong Android expertise: from HALs and system services porting to Media frameworks extension to Application optimization
HY Research US Hunyue Yau
– Linux kernel driver development and board bring-up
– Root file system optimization
– Linux system prototypes and demos
– Android, graphics
Jaya Kumar Malaysia/India Jaya Kumar
( cd linux-2.6 ; git log | egrep )
– E-Ink related drivers, prototype design, demo development
– board support package development
Jumpnow Technologies Maine, US Scott Ellis
  • Kernel and u-boot modifications
  • Device drivers
  • Custom systems using Buildroot or Yocto
  • Qt5 application development
  • Mender integration
KOAN Italy Marco Cavallini
KOAN is a linux embedded engineering company based in Italy and founded on 1996.
– On-Site Linux embedded, Yocto Project / OpenEmbedded training courses worldwide
– Linux device driver and BSP development
– Root file system development and customization
– Optimizing Linux boot times
– Linux application development
– Embedded and Real-Time Linux system debugging expertise
– General Linux application development
Leopard Imaging US/China Bill Pu
– Linux kernel driver development and board bring-up
– Focused on TI Davinci Platform with Aptina/Omnivision CMOS Sensor application
– Linux bootup time optimization
– Image Tuning
-1080p@30fps High Definition USB Webcam, duplex video conference system, microscope system, and stereoscopic 3D camera application expertise
-DM355/DM365 Leopard Board Linux Open Source community:
MakeLinux Israel, Worldwide Constantine Shulyupin
– Fast boot
– Linux driver development
– Root file system customization
– System Optimization,
– Media streaming
Linutronix Germany Heinz Egger
– Linux training
– Extensive Linux driver development experience including network, specialized SPI and I²C, camera, graphics, including hw-accelerated graphic chips, and buses – CAN, ProfiBUS, ProfiNET, and Ethercat
– Linux middleware such as ACE/TAO Corba
– Graphics packages and drivers (OpenGL, microwindows, gtk, E17 and QT)
Embedded/ real-time Linux system debugging expertise
Mans Rullgard UK Mans Rullgard
– Expert in codec optimization for ARM-based devices
– FFmpeg support
– Graphics subsystem optimization
– Linux kernel and U-Boot
Mistral Solutions India Samyeer Metrani
– Linux BSP and Driver development

  • Linux kernel and U-Boot customization
  • File system customization
  • Board bring-up
  • Power Management
  • Custom drivers (USB, Display, Audio, WLAN and Bluetooth)

– Middleware

  • TI Codec Engine and DSP/BIOS Link integration
  • Video Codec Integration
  • MTP and DRM solutions

– Linux Application Development

  • Android based development
  • GStreamer, OpenGL

– Verification and Validation Services (Manual and automated)
– Custom Hardware Development

MPC Data UK, US Frank Breeze (US), Kevin Heawood (UK)
– Linux BSP, Driver Development and kernel ports.
– Linux and Android – Codec integration specialists (TI Codec Engine, DSPLink, DSPBridge & OpenMax)
– “Instant On” boot solutions
– Android board porting and board bring-up
– Driver expertise includes USB, CANBUS, high-speed serial, PCI, etc.
– Power management, ROM footprint and real-time optimization
– Middleware including databases and network protocols
– QT graphic frameworks and application development
– Expertise on Davinci, Integra, Sitara, OMAP, Jacinto & TNETV platforms.
MNX Solutions US Nick Wilkens
– Linux Server Management
– 24×7 Monitoring and Support
– System Security, Optimization and Hardening
RAD Tech Labs US David Anders
– Board bring-up and debugging
– Bootloader development
– Linux kernel ports and driver development
– Kernel and root file system boot time and size optimizations
– Custom Hardware development
– Hardware and Software Reverse Engineering
Realtime Embedded Sweden Patrik Ekström
– On-site Linux and Yocto training courses
– Linux driver and bsp development
– General Linux application development
– Optimization for embedded systems
– Hardware, FPGA and Software development
Ridgerun US, Costa Rica Clark Becker
– Focused exclusively on Linux for TI chips specializing in optimized streaming audio and video.
– Application support for Linux based audio / video streaming media devices
– Provide Linux SDKs enhancements to run on the customer’s hardware design.
– TI Codec Engine and DSP/BIOS Link
– Co-owners of the open-source TI gstreamer project. Professional support partner. RidgeRun enhances performance & capabilities, improves GStreamer compliance, and executes the Quarterly Releases.
Sakoman US Steve Sakoman
– Board bring-up, x-load and u-boot customization
– Linux kernel ports and driver development
– Kernel and root file system boot time and size optimizations
– General Linux application build and development
– GStreamer and SGX
– Open Embedded builds including generation of Out Of Box images such as Gnome desktop on Beagle etc
Scheftech Inc Canada,
US clients
Steve Schefter
My most common role is that of a platform engineer, bringing up new custom processor boards through porting bootloaders and Linux/Android to produce new BSPs. This usually includes writing drivers for specialized components on the board and porting protocol stacks and required user space packages.My background in both low-level software and digital hardware design allows me to independently work with the prototype board, schematics and datasheets.

As much of my work is in creating systems from scratch, it frequently involves the simultaneous debugging of new hardware and new software using debuggers, logic analyzers and oscilloscopes.

Semihalf Poland Rafal Jaworowski
– Bootloaders, firmware, system bring-up, and porting
– Linux kernel development, device drivers, hardening, instrumentation
– Performance optimization
– TI system-on-chip support, flattened Device Tree
– DSP analytics, video processing
Sidebranch The Netherlands Leon Woestenberg
– Embedded Systems Software; bootloaders, firmware, board bring-up, device drivers
– Strong background in PCI Express, video processing and real-time systems
– OpenEmbedded and Yocto
Signetik, LLC US Steve PoulsenEngineering Consultant
– Hardware bring-up, including custom modifications to bootloaders and kernels.
– UBL / U-boot / Kernel Development
– Android / QT / Embedded Web Services
– Audio/Video Capture/Display, LCD drivers, ALSA/V4L2 Drivers
– Experience creating and modifying Audio/Video Codec Servers using XDM/XDC/RTSC standards.
– Custom DSP algorithms to support video/audio systems.
– Consultation Services, including hardware/software prototyping
– IoT, mbed, Contiki, LoRa (Linux and MCU)
Spectracore Technologies U.S. / India Kishore Chakravadhanula
– Linux BSP and Kernel Development

  • Boot loaders optimization, board bring up and BSP development
  • Device driver development and porting
  • Kernel and root filesystem development and customization
  • Porting of Linux kernel & stack to custom hardware
  • Integration of Linux power management with hardware power management features

– Middleware

  • Porting and customization of Linux and Android stacks
  • Hardware acceleration of multimedia frameworks (GStreamer, SGX) through DSP codec integration

– Linux Application Development

  • Localization and custom UI skinning
  • Qt/WebKit/HTML5 based UI frameworks and apps

– Linux and Android reference designs
– Toolchain development and optimization
– 360 degree software testing & QA services

SSC Solutions ApS Denmark / World Søren Steen Christensen
– Overall Hardware/Software System Design
– OMAP/Sitara Hardware design
– OMAP/Sitara bare metal coding and low level combined HW/SW-debugging
– Board bring-up, x-load and u-boot customization
– Linux internal IP-block and Device Driver Development
– System boot time and size optimization
– Open Embedded buildsystem
The PTR Group US Dean Thompson
– On-site and internet-based Linux training
– Linux driver and bsp development
– Root file system development and customization
– Extensive embedded Linux debug and system integration experience
– General Linux application development, including multimedia and communications applications
SQLStar (Embinux) Singapore (South East Asia) / India / US – Embedded Linux and Android

  • Linux/Android BSP, board bring-up
  • Custom driver development
  • Custom Boot-loader development
  • Toolchains, File System, Protocol development
  • System Integration
  • Application developments
THR Support US / Worldwide Nick Reiner
support [at] thishosting [dot] rocks
  • Linux kernel and driver development
  • Performance optimization
  • Bring-up
  • Kernel ports
  • Server management and monitoring
  • System security
  • General Linux server consultation services
Timesys US / Worldwide Al Feczko
– Linux BSP and Driver Development

  • Linux kernel and U-Boot customization
  • Custom Linux BSPs, board bring-up and debugging
  • Driver development and porting (Audio, Camera, USB, networking, peripherals, System-on-Chip, custom FPGA hardware, and more)

– Linux Application Development

  • Application development (Qt, GStreamer, OpenGL)
  • Rich HMI application development (Qt / Video / 3D)

– System Optimization

  • Fast boot
  • Power management

– Android development, design and integration
– Customized on-site and on-line embedded Linux training
– Expertise on DaVinci™, Sitara™, OMAP

Promwad Russia, ex-USSR, Europe Ivan Kuten
Electronics design house focused on multimedia:
– Embedded system design, hardware development
– Linux development for OMAP and DaVinci
– Android porting
– Software for devices based on e-Ink technology
– Mass-production support services
e-con System Inc, USA US / Worldwide Harishankkar Subramaniyam
– Linux porting services

  • Porting to new core, to new ARM
  • Linux BSP Development including platforms designed from processors like OMAP3530, DM3730,DM355, DM365, PXA320, i.MX31 and i.MX27

– Device Driver Development(Framebuffer, USB, GPRS,Camera, Touch Screen, NAND Flash)
– Rapid Product Development Kit

  • Alioth, Regulus

– Linux Application Development

  • MP3 Player for ARM
  • e-mail client for ARM
  • FM Player for ARM
  • Television Picture-In-Picture

– Computer-on-Module

  • eSOM3730 with WEC 2013/Android/Linux support

-Power management

  • During Device driver development
  • During component selection

– Android BSP porting, reference design, device driver development, application development and product development
– Expertise on OMAP / DaVinci / SITARA such as OMAP™ 35x, DM3725, DM3730, AM3703 and AM3715 processors.