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Get questions answered or show off your latest Beagle project in the Beagle communities. Tinkering, hacking, making, developing, or simple interest in going where no one’s gone before with the help of powerful, open, embedded computers is welcome here.

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Explore the popular discussion forums to track down solutions to common problems (someone’s probably had your question before) or post a new puzzler for the community’s hive mind to solve!

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Report issues, explore and contribute hardware and software source code.

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Live Chat on Discord

Chat instantly with hundreds of developers also using Beagles to build a better world!



Explore or contribute to the hundreds of projects developed by our community using Beagleboards. Build your skills and discover new products and technologies.



Read up on all of the news about the® Foundation’s fun activities, noteworthy events and generally cool announcements. Go ahead, dig your paws in!



Learn to troubleshoot common problems, get new application ideas and explore the miscellaneous (but awesome) community activity on our video page.


Business to Business Programs Foundation is a Michigan, USA based 501c3 non-profit corporation working across the industry with countless individuals and businesses in education, technology, manufacturing, and distribution. Interested in working together? Contact us out to get connected or explore the existing partnership programs we’ve created.


Job Opportunities

Looking for work? Have a skillset that you would like to make available to the® community? Visit our job board on the® Forum!

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