Hackaday Prize Entry: BeagleLogic Standalone

Brian Benchoff writes on Hackaday about the latest project from Kumar Abhishek: Hackaday Prize Entry: BeagleLogic Standalone A few years ago, [Kumar] created the BeagleLogic, a 14-channel, 100 MSPS logic analyzer for the BeagleBone as an entry for the Hackaday Prize. This is a fantastic tool that takes advantage of the PRUs in the BeagleBone to give […]

BeagleBone projects by Adam Vadala-Roth

@Adam Vadala-Roth has created a couple BeagleBone projects that others may find useful: Beaglebone Black and Breadboard Plate A 3D printable plate that holds a Beaglebone black compatible board and a breadboard together side by side. Vintage Parallax Robot Restoration Got a neat little Parallax robot from a friend of a friend who passed away. […]

Murgen: Open Source ultrasound imaging

kelu124 has created an ultrasound imaging project on hackaday.io that uses the BeagleBone: Murgen: open source ultrasound imaging This project, Murgen, has a specific target of providing a technological kit to allow scientists, academics, hackers, makers or OSHW fans to hack their way to ultrasound imaging – below 500$ – at home, with no specific equipment […]