3D Printed Accessories for Beaglebone Black

Locally manufactured 3D printed Accessories through 3D Hubs.

3D Printed Accessories for Beaglebone Black

Posted by Angel on 2015-07-20T09:20:49-04:00

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My name’s George I work for 3d Hubs. 3D Hubs is a community driven 3D printing platform. We make 3D printing technology accessible in over 150 countries thanks to our network of nearly 20,000 printer owners.

Map So your probably asking yourself why is he here! Well since the beginning of the platform two years ago we have seen it utilised by fans of microcontrollers, taking them to the next level printing a wide range of accessories. The designs and prints people were coming up with were super cool, so I thought what better way to engage than give an open call to the Beagleboard community. I have taken a look at the various capes and some of the projects in progress within the community.

I am now asking whether 3D printed accessories would be interesting to you, whether that is a basic design or something to encorporate capes everything within reason is achievable. All the cases would be printed locally where possible and on average our hubs have a turnaround of two days. I have attached some photos for inspiration and guidance.    Look forward to hearing your feedback on this!

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