Apertus Digital Cinema Camera

A digital camera controler for an Elphel open hardware camera. The beagle board will be used as a realtime viewfinder unit and hardware camera control.

Posted by Angel on 2009-05-04T14:37:32-04:00

We intend on creating a community driven open source cinematic HD camera for a professional environment. The image is provided by an Elphel camera (elphel.com, open source camera). A beagle board is connected to an elphel camera using ethernet. The beagle board runs a lightweight UI that allows user to view the live feed from the camera on an external display. It also allows to trigger recording and change camera settings using a user interface. The user interface is software based (on screen) + hardware based using buttons and knobs if possible (I2C interface of the beagle board would be used)

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