Automated Paper Football Game

Create a paper football game board and add digital features and automation including scoring, possession, and a jumbotron.

Posted by Pete W on 2018-11-12T16:48:26-05:00

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Building the Wooden Board

To see how to build the physical board with detailed instructions and pictures click

Adding the Components to the Board

To see how to add all components to the physical board with detailed instructions and pictures, click

Wiring the Components to the BeagleBone Green Wireless

Pin Connections by Component

Installing Necessary Libraries

Step 1: Ensure that python3 is installed on your BeagleBone. The way it gets installed may vary depending on what version of linux you are using.

Step 2 : On your BeagleBone, checkout the project repository under the

git clone

cd ECE434_project 

Step 3: Run the install script to install all of the necessary libraries


How to Use

Go into the project folder, run the setup script, and then run the paper_football program.

cd ECE434_project


sudo python


To see how the advanced features of our project work, presented in an exhilarating way click

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