BBIO in Python

The GPIOD in the BeagleBone Black relies on Python wrappers to work. Our project allows Python code to work with the GPIOD directly.

Posted by Pete W on 2020-11-13T15:48:56-05:00

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When you write Python on the BeagleBone Black, the code that runs is not actually Python. Instead, C code with a Python wrapper runs. Our project revolves around removing the Python wrapper and making the Python code run directly on the BeagleBoard.

To install the project, run "pip3 install bbiopy" in your terminal. In code that you write, use "from bbiopy import GPIOmay" to import and use the sub-files of bbiopy in your code. Currently, bbiopy is not set up to have the functions contained within it, so "import bbiopy" will import absolutely nothing.

List of files that can be imported:

GPIOmay, which is the general gpiod library.

uart, which handles uart functionality.

PinMux, which handles pin multiplexing (already called from GPIOmay)

adc, which handles analog to digital conversion.

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