Beagleboard Extension

This project provides a PCB extension to the Beagleboard, Beagleboard-xm and Pandaboard. While the initial motivation was to simply provide a LCD screen - that concept has grown into a complete, portable development board.

Posted by Angel on 2011-04-18T20:17:22-04:00

The high level features of the extension include:

  • LCD with touch screen
  • User push buttons including power on/off
  • Battery, battery charger and battery fuel gauge support
  • Full size SD card socket
  • Accelerometer
  • RS485
  • Extension header with GPIOs and I2C bus that are either 3.3V or 5V based.
  • Integrated USB JTAG debugger for Beagleboard or Pandaboard.

This project includes the Hardware Design and Implementation as well as the changes needed to the boot loader and Linux kernel to support the hardware. The target operating system is Android 2.3 using the TI Android GingerBread 2.3 DevKit 1.0.

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