BeagleforLearners is a Mini Computer system to enhance learning process among young and the old.

Posted by Angel on 2010-08-24T10:23:24-04:00

1.Android powered system.
2.Large Touch Screen based system with impeccable graphics helps in learning A for Apple , B for Ball for Kids and a nice document reader for all.
3.Limited developement environment / customization of various application for Young kids and Parents.
4.Creating Attractive presentations and Maintaining student calender by Parents helps them to make learning experience unique and keeps students away from Televisions.
5.Fully Video/Audio interface functionality to make learning more interesting.
6.Option to get hooked to Internet.
7.Teach your kids , the way of life through unique applications and small playes/ story-telling using the system.
8.Gives a student , A learner’s environment.

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