Bitson Cape

I2C relay UART RS232 optocoupled power supply switching PRU GPIO

This cape is a general purpose project for Beaglebone Black.

The cape provides:

  • 7-40v input Switching power supply
  • 4x spdt relay output
  • 8x optocoupled input with jumper configuration for dry contact input
  • 4x RS232 serial ports (UART5 with jumper configuration)
  • I2C port with 5v pullup
  • 4x buffered PRU output
  • 4x PRU input 
  • 4x I2C User switchs
  • 4x I2C GPIO input
  • Power on switch on board with pinheads for an external power button.
  • Red power in led indicator
  • Blue power on Beaglebone led indicator

The cape is now used in access control in soccer (futbol) stadiums, buildings, musical events, and others, but we consider that it can be used in automation, robotics, home automation and other applications that require the benefits of the board.

This project is the first version of a full project who has its goal in a whole "motherboard" to take the most of the possibilities the Beaglebone Black can give.

Video Demo:

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