Beagle Intelligent Virtual Doorman

Open entrance doors by intelligent access control elements and the beagle board and enabling the supervision by the virtual doorman.

Posted by Angel on 2009-11-21T18:29:49-05:00

Open the door to authorized person (or car) after the intelligent identification process. Non-authorized person (or car) has the possibility to talk and to be visible by the remote doorman.
The identification process will be done by one or partial (simultaneously) of the following elements: fingerprint access control, voice recognition, pace recognition, LPR on car (License Plate Recognition).
Connecting analog or IP camera (one or more), microphone and speaker on one side of the beagle board and the Ethernet or WiFi on the other side of the beagle board via the access point and router to the Internet (connectivity with the virtual doorman’s PC).
Developing the embedded management software that will integrate between the voice/video codec (from the or from the TI website) and existing software packages of the fingerprint, voice recognition, pace recognition and LPR.

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