BuddyBot the First Robot Programmed with Swift

BuddyBot is the first robot programmed entirely with the Swift programming language and uses the SwiftyBones library.

Categories: Intermediate

I asked my 10 year old daughter what projects she wanted to work on over the summer and she said that she wanted to build robots.  I really like the Swift programming language so I set out to see if I could create a robot using Swift that we could work on together.  I already had extensive experience with the BeagleBone Black so that seemed like the natural platform to work on.

I have several Blog posts that detail how I built BuddyBot, most with images and videos:

Swift and the BeagleBone Black

Swift and the BeagleBone Black – Better together with SwiftyBones

First robot programmed with Swift

BuddyBot gets his first upgrade

BuddyBot gets Obstacle Avoidance

BuddyBot update and parts list (build your own)

Hope you enjoy BuddyBot.

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