BuggyHero is a real-time locating system that guides and tracks shoppers.

Posted by Angel on 2011-05-06T01:31:40-04:00

BuggyHero is a real-time locating system that guides and tracks shoppers. It makes shopping more convenient by allowing the user to search for products and directing them to the product from their current location. Users are able to browse through items available in the store, view top sellers, and acquire detailed product information. Stores can mine data from the BuggyHero and use it to optimize product placement. Access to this information will create a better overall experience and increase sales for the store.
BuggyHero was developed on the BeagleBoard development board using IEEE 802.15.4 USB XBee adapters to connect to the wireless sensor network. Search results and navigation directions are displayed on the LCD through the graphical user interface designed using Python’s Tk library. The navigation system was implemented using Dijkstra’s algorithm to calculate the shortest path from a starting point to the destination. BuggyHero obtains its starting location by acquiring the current physical location of the device using a real-time locating system consisting of XBee beacons. The location of the XBee beacons are stored in a database and mapped to specific products. The cost to manufacture a BuggyHero demonstration unit is approximately $600, which includes four beacons and one BuggyHero device. This cost increases as the number of beacons increase, but the area covered would also increase.

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