BeagleBone Cookbook

Recipe book for BeagleBone Black illustrating how to connect sensors, displays, motors and more to the Internet and even build your own cape.

BeagleBone Cookbook

Posted by Angel on 2014-11-05T21:52:42-05:00

With the recipes in this cookbook, BeagleBoard software guru Jason Kridner and engineering educator Mark A. Yoder get you started developing in minutes. Using the proven problem/solution/discussion format, the book’s modular solutions work together to help you extend the power of Linux with this revolutionary open hardware computer in useful and creative ways.

Ideal for programmers, hobbyists, and professionals with some programming and BeagleBone Black experience, BeagleBone Cookbook shows you how to add and program sensors, motors, displays, and other hardware to this remarkable computer that’s about the size of a credit-card.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Read a switch and blink an LED using the BoneScript extensions to JavaScript
  • Control a string of RGB LEDs
  • Respond to a tweet
  • Use the two programmable real-time units (PRUs) for time-critical computing
  • Recompile the kernel and install a new module

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