Extend the cryptographic capabilities of the BeagleBone Black with hardware key isolation for RSA, ECC, SHA-2, a RTC, and user-customizable crypto libraries.


Posted by Angel on 2014-03-11T18:55:21-04:00

The CryptoCape extends the hardware cryptographic abilities of the BeagleBone Black (BBB).  The BBB’s AM335x processor already has a powerful cryptographic hardware for AES, SHA, and MD5 as well as a hardware random number generator.  With additional hardware, the BBB with the CryptoCape can be an attractive solution for devices with increased security demands.


The CryptoCape is in production at SparkFun Electronics.


To provide a hardware device the provides key isolation for various algorithms such that others can build security applications.


The main ICs on the board are:

Atmel TPM 1.2

Atmel ECC108

Atmel ATSHA204

Atmel ATAES132

Maxim Integrated RTC

Atmel ATMega328p


– Secure Boot

– VPN / SSL endpoint

– Hardware digital wallet

– Random number generator

– Authentication Device



SparkFun Product Page

CryptoCape Hookup Guide

CryptoCape eLinux Page

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