Official Debian build shipped with BeagleBone Black as well as Debian for BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone

Posted by Angel on 2014-03-05T23:37:36-05:00

Debian is the universal operating system, with many packages pre-compiled for many architectures.

InstallingDebianOn article for BeagleBone: Debian wiki instructions

All BeagleBone Black Rev C boards are now shipping with Debian images (started May 5, 2014). See the Latest Images Page for links to those images. For instructions on rebuilding those images, see Issue reports should be filed at Additional test images and on-going development can be found on the BeagleBone Black Debian wiki page.

Latest builds for BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black and all BeagleBoard Compatible BeagleBones can be found at

For Debian images for boards other than BeagleBone, check out

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