Built around the new BeagleBoard.org BeagleY-AI, DRINKBOT 2.0 features six Adafruit Peristaltic Liquid Pumps, meaning the selected alcohols, bases, and syrups are squished through silicon tubing based on the user’s selection of cocktail, ingredients, or colour. The pumps are driven by an Adafruit DC & Stepper Motor HAT, with the resulting concoction emitted into a 3d-printed cup holder, available in both dress and suit versions. A lavalier mic and USB soundcard, combined with the BeagleY-AI’s advanced DSP cores provide voice interaction, while a USB power bank and liquid holder belt complete the system.

Posted by Jason Kridner on 2024-04-29T21:49:54-04:00

Categories: Advanced, BeagleY-AI, Demo

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