Patient monitoring platform to control chronic diseases at home

Posted by Angel on 2010-02-15T16:48:24-05:00

Project Description: This project aims to create a domiciliary platform to facilitate the daily lives of chronic patients who need to conduct periodic tests of any vital signs related to their disease, such as glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and weight. It would allow the patient to perform the appropriate measurements from their own homes thus avoiding going to the health center. The devices involved in the collection of these values are chosen according to their membership of the Continua Health Alliance.
Continua Health Alliance is a group of technology, healthcare and fitness companies dedicated to establishing an ecosystem of connected personal health products and services, making it possible for patients, caregivers and health care providers to more proactively address ongoing health care needs, improving quality of life and healthcare and lowering healthcare costs.
eNurse incorporates, among other features:

– Long-range wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi
– Short-range wireless connectivity: Bluetooth
– Local Data Storage: Memory Card
– Display information / settings: Touch Screen
– Channel reminders & Assistance to blind people: Speakers

An application example for eNurse may be one in which the Doctor stores the periodicity of each measurement in the memory card. Later, when the time comes, the system will alert the patient through an audible alarm and displays on the correspondent screen some instructions for making the measurement properly. Once the patient has taken the sample (blood sample, blood pressure, etc.) the device will send the information to the system and it will store the result in the memory card for later analysis by the Doctor. A range of allowed values can be configured and, in the event that the results exceed those ranges, a notice will be sent to the Doctor in real time.
The system can be set up to show measurements history to the patient and to remind the next measuring date and / or the next visit to the Doctor.

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