Home automation software on BeagleBone Black, HTML5-Websocket, Webcam, email.

Posted by Angel on 2014-02-10T10:43:02-05:00

Home Automation Software on Open-Source managing BeagleBone Black boards with Webcams under Angstrom Linux.
This application works in real time and allows 24/24H the driving of:
– Digital inputs.
– Digital outputs.
– Analog inputs.
– Output PWM (pulse width modulation).
– Events counter under interruption.
– Automatic sending of e-mail on events.
– The acquisition of a video stream from a Webcam connected to the USB BBB board (with adjustable frequency display on the Web page).
The human-machine interface is provided by HTML5/Javascript pages located on a client machine (PC, Tablet, Web server, smartphone, etc …).
The exchange of informations between the BBB board and the client is based on the protocol Websocket – HTML5.
These web pages are available on the client microcomputer through Internet browsers – Firefox / Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc …

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