Image recoginition with openCV and Siri

This project is about using siri command to control beaglebone which can drive a servo to point camera to the target.

Categories: Intermediate

Image recognition is becoming more and more popular. We want to combine the image recognition with the embedded linux system. Therefore, we got the idea to use BeagleBone black board with a webcam to accomplish this.

Instruction: Connet your beagle bone to your router though a cable Also, make sure there is shortcut on your ios device. You can install it from APP store. Click create add shortcut and scripting. Then select the Run Script Over SSH. Touch the show more to see all the option. Go to your router config page and find your beagle bone’s IP address. Enter the IP address to "Host" and the port as 22. The user is usually Debian and also enters the password. In the script enter sudo python3 Click the + under the block you just added and select scripting again. Select show Notification and configure it as "I am pointing red". Finally, rename the shortcut as "point red" or whatever you want Siri to recognize. If you want to deal with more color, just copy this shortcut and change the code it run.

To be more specific:

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