Land rover for Remote imaging and Robotic sample collection

The aim of this project is to build an autonomous land rover which will communicate and send streaming images to the base station via wifi dongle. The camera shall be equipped with pan and tilt control through 2 servo motors. The base station upon receiving the remote image will control the Robotic arm having 5 stepper/ servo motors to collect sample pieces.

Posted by Angel on 2013-12-23T09:52:18-05:00

This project aims to build a land rover for remote imaging and remote robotic control operation.
It can find application in remote sample handling, and can be extended to remote operations in hazardous situations such as bomb defusing operations, surgical operations etc.
The main control device is BeagleBone Black mounted on the rover. It shall be connected a wifi dongle through a USB hub, where a C920 Logitech camera is also connected. The camera shall have pan and tilt control via 2 servomotors. The locomotion of the motor is carried out by 2 DC motors for forward, reverse, left and right movements. The robotic arm will be built with 5 degrees of freedom to be able to pick up any object of upto 1” size and 100grams weight, and drop it in a container mounted on the rover.
The BBB drives the DC, servo/stepper motors via GPIO accesed through a driver cape which houses DC Motor driver L293, stepper motor driver ULN2003 and servo motor via PWM control obtained from GPIO pins and 3.3V to 5V level translator chip. The camera communicates with the BBB via USB commmunication. A socket connection will be established with the base station for sending image, streaming signals to the base station and recieving control inputs from the base station for operation of DC motors for rover movement, camera pan and tilt control and Robotic arm movement. The main program shall be initiated as a part of booting process, including camera initialisation and socket configuration.

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