Learning BeagleBone


Learning BeagleBone

Posted by Angel on 2015-01-29T22:01:35-05:00

Learning BeagleBone is a introduction to the BeagleBone series of low cost dev boards written by the founder of HY Research. It guides the reader from unboxing their BeagleBone all the way to getting a first project with a user interface. It also covers some of the common problems, issues, and interests for BeagleBone users. A selection of topics, no particular order:

  • Overview of the BeagleBoard and BeagleBones
  • Useful BeagleBone accessories
  • Software installation
  • First project exercise using the LEDs
  • Network based UI
  • Issues and considerations for connecting the BeagleBone to the outside world.
  • Hardware interfacing considerations
  • Board recovery and diagnostics.

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