SPI-based 10/100 Ethernet

Add 10/100 Ethernet connectivity to the Beagle Board.

Posted by Angel on 2021-02-26T21:36:49-05:00

Micrel will provide KSZ8851SNL eval board and instructions on simple connection to Beagle Board. Basic Linux drivers and UBoot already developed. Main goal is to demonstrate Beagle Board serving a web page when connected via Ethernet to a PC. Similar to typing “” and seeing a web page from a router, but the web page served would include hooks to control I/O of Beagle Board and possibly display Video capture that is being done on USB port of Beagle Board. Ultimate goal is to code in a static IP address and show that this board could sit anywhere in the world and provide video monitoring via an Internet connection.

Contact = vince.stueve@micrel.com

Some information appears to be at http://www.micrel.com/_PDF/Ethernet/ethernet_designkit/8851M/.

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