BBB and BB Dual Micro-stepping Motor Controller Cape

Micro-stepping can cure many problems that have always plagued standard stepping motors for years. Problems like stalling, step oscillations, rough operation, and many unexplainable stepping motor problems.

BBB & BB Dual Micro-stepping Motor Controller Cape

Posted by Angel on 2014-01-29T18:24:57-05:00

  • Intelligent high end stepping motor controller Cape to control two motors
  • Step rate programmable from full step to 32 micro-step
  • DRV8825 stepping motor controller from TI
  • MSP430 micro-processor from TI
  • SPI communication to the Beagle Bone
  • Stand-alone capabilities with full control of stepper motor via RS232
  • Programmable motor current  from 1 to 2.5 amps
  • 12 volts to 45 volt drive voltage capabilities
  • Evaluation firmware available for the Beagle Bone written in C and runs under the Bone’s Linux Operation System
  • Motor control parameters loaded into the embedded MSP430 are Motor current, micro-step mode, step count, starting speed, run speed and acceleration/deceleration control
  • Acceleration and deceleration controller by algorithm in MSP430 micro-processor
  • Motor movement controlled by algorithm in MSP430 micro-processor
  • Size Beagle Bone Cape 3.4 X 2.1 inches
  • Over travel limit detection included
  • Homing algorithm included
  • Firmware in MSP430 programmed with Code Composer
  • MSP430 programmable via JTAG
  • This is not a bit-switch motor stepper, but a full step controller

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