miniECG is hand-handled devices that helps to monitor heart stroke rehab patients, post-heart surgery patients or patients with critical heart disorder.

Posted by Angel on 2009-07-10T09:26:17-04:00

Post heart surgery or post heart attack patients are kept under walking or aerobic exercise rehab. It is proven that this rehab reduces recurrent heart stroke by 17% and thus avoids re-hospitalisation and even deaths in certain cases. During rehab period, its is very vital to monitor ECG of patients as it give precise state and condition of recovery in heart. In past mini ECG’s are designed that record the ECG signal and send it over wireless link to nearest PC. This limits the patients mobility region. With advent of high end processors like OMAP with DSP core, it is now possible to do signal processing on ECG signal locally. As high end DSP is available in OMAP 3530, it is possible to do QRS detection, PCA and feature extraction, PLI filtering and compression for storage, all done locally without communicating to nearest PC. Hence, this increases the mobility of patient and hence gives more easy and precise ECG recordings.

miniECG has a graphic LCD with touch screen interface to view ECG and to provide inputs to store/transmit ECG signal. Device can be connected to wireless internet to transfer ECG to doctors clinic. It uses DSP technique to filter ECG signal, to compress it and to extract features from ECG signal. miniECG has AI algorithm running on top of ECG PCA data that determines probable heart-attack in near hour.

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