Motion Control Platform for Stepper, Servo, and DC Motors

The purpose of this project is to develop a general purpose motion control platform for the BeagleBone. This platform will be able to be utilized in applications such as CNC systems, 3D printing, Walking Robotics, Rolling Robotics, and generic motion control

Posted by Angel on 2012-09-30T01:01:32-04:00

This project consists of the development of a software library for the beaglebone and a beaglebone cape. The first part of the software development is to create a set of libraries to perform basic movement commands for steppers, servos, and DC motors. Once these libraries are developed an additional set of libraries will be developed for G-Code CNC control, 3D printing, and robotics armatures.

The development of the cape will be a flexible cape that can use the same GPIO pins for servos, stepper, and DC motors. The specific function will be determined by the user with the use of the libraries.

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