Not Your Average Cup Of Joe

Making a cheap coffee maker a smart coffee maker.

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Coffee lovers all over the world deal with the never ending struggle of having to make their own coffee. This usually results in them waking up earlier than they need to or causing them to be late for work because they got caught in the Starbucks rush. Our product is a web application that allows users to remotely schedule and have their coffee brewed from afar via an internet connected coffee maker. Our coffee maker will be linked to user accounts and will allow the user to access the machine’s settings. Instead of scheduling your life around coffee, you can now schedule coffee around your life.

Installation Steps:

1: Obtain a BeagleBone Black

2: Obtain a Black and Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

3: Unscrew the bottom of the coffee maker and unscrew the programmable board from the coffee maker.

4: On the programmable board, cut the RLY wire

5: Solder/connect another wire extending the cut RLY wire in order to connect it to a GPIO pin on the beagleboard.

6: Solder an additional wire onto the GND terminal on the green part of the programmable board.

7: Connect these two pins to the GND on the BeagleBone Black and a GPIO pin on the BeagleBone Black (We used P9_12)

8: Take a look at our GitHub page:

9: Plug in the BeagleBone to give it power, and use the website to schedule/make coffee!

User Instructions:

1: Plug in the BeagleBone to your computer and in a linux terminal, run the script

2: Plug in the coffee maker to a wall outlet.

3: Go to the website,

4: Login with your email and password.

5: You will see a list of coffee makers that you have added, go to your desired coffee maker and set your desired brew time or simply hit the button to brew a cup of coffee now.

6: Enjoy!

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