Open Enea Linux

Open Enea Linux - An embedded Linux distribution and ecosystem based on the Yocto project

Open Enea Linux

Posted by Angel on 2014-09-11T12:18:48-04:00

Open Enea Linux (OEL) is an embedded Linux distribution based on the latest version of the Yocto project (Daisy 1.6 at the time of this post). OEL is focused on ease of use and, because of that, it comes along with a complete ecosystem that includes software development tools, instructions and video tutorials to do everything from target deployment to cross debugging, as well as ways to interact with Enea developers and other community members

OEL community provides developers with:

– All prebuilt and tested binaries based on the latest version of the Yocto project: Distribution images and toolchain.

– A complete and tested suite of industry standard software development tools that are exclusively open source and based on Eclipse IDE.

– Online user guides and video tutorials that explain all the steps required to deploy the binaries on target, install the toolchain and set up a development environment (including cross compiling and cross debugging, tracing profiling, etc…)

– A runtime customizable distribution: Open Enea Linux comes with a configured package manager that allows you to install packages in runtime, thus removing the need to modify the source and recompile binaries in case you are missing some functionality on target.

– A software community infrastructure to interact with Enea’s developers and other members of the OEL community, which covers from bug reporting to technical discussions.

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