BeagleBone Black – Reference Design source data for PADS

BeagleBone Black - Reference Design source data for PADS PCB

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Posted by Angel on 2015-03-18T19:08:02-04:00

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(Sorry for sending out the wrong link in the newsletter, PocketNC is at /project/pocketnc.)

This BeagleBone Black data provides the hobbyist/maker community and beyond with reference designs to work with, take from and build up to make your own designs!

The reference design includes 19 files including:

  • Schematic design in xDX Designer format (.prj)
  • Layout design in PADS 9.5 format (.pcb)
  • Bill of Materials for the design ( Bill of Materials.html)
  • PDF of the schematic design ( (Schematic).pdf)
  • PDF of the layout design ( (Layout).pdf)
  • Property definitions file (netlist.prp)
  • PCB Configuration file (pads95.cfg)

The schematic symbols will be located in one of two locations, depending on the design:

  1. /Libs folder
  2. /SYM folder

The layout decals will be located in the /LP Wizard folder.

All Reference Desgins found here: can be used with our new inexpensive (PADS based) Designer Schematic and Designer Layout tools now available for the hobbyist/maker community from Digikey ! as well as our desktop PADS products

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