LCD/Sensor/Audio expansion board for the Beagle Bone.

Posted by Angel on 2013-03-15T17:01:56-04:00

A single expansion board for the Beagle bone that provides sensors (Accelerometer/Gyro/Magnetometer/Pressure/Humidity/Light/Proximity/GPS), LCD display, buttons, Power, and audio output for the Beagle Bone. It also provides an expansion port for interfacing with SPI and/or I2C off board devices at different voltages. The entire board will support a flavor of Android. LCD display and button display will be supported through a connector that is a subset of those used on the classic Beagle Board. Specifically, this will support LCDs supported by the Beagle LCD family of display interfaces which include, 4.3″, 4.8″, and 7″ displays. Expansion connector will be similar to an existing UEXT connector to allow a subset of UEXT devices to be connected.

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