PWM driver for Beagle Board

Provide a driver to control the PWM pins found on the OMAP expansion header for Beagle Board. Document this task and archive this code.

Summer of code

Posted by Angel on 2021-02-17T20:46:48-05:00

On RevC Beagle Boards the three OMAP pins for PWM are bought out to the expansion header and as such there is no high level interface available to utilise these pins. This project would aim to provide a driver for this purpose and document its development. This PWM driver can find a variety of applications and this project aims to develop two such applications 1. Control a motor using PWM signals generated by this driver. 2. Write a glue layer for ALSA to directly interact with this driver and output sound using these PWM pins. This would provide better sound output capabilities than currently provided by the Beagle Board. These applications would be documented in a DIY style so that anyone could replicate them. Moreover an effort will be made to provide a generic framework to do similar work on other platforms as well

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