RFID authentication for hackerspace door

Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station: One uses BeagleBone Black and RFID to control door access

RFID authentication for hackerspace door

Posted by Angel on 2015-12-03T02:09:25-05:00

Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station: One uses BeagleBone Black to control door access:


There is BeagleBone Black on the Front Door and the Back Door:



The BeagleBone is a connected to a Sparkfun USB RFID breakout with a ID-12 RFID Reader.  This scans the RFID keys:


[More photos]

PS1 president Derek Bever and other members are collaborating on this GitHub repo:

Client-side RFID authentication (and general access control)

This system is built on a BeagleBone Black and Sparkfun’s USB board for RFID readers for hardware, and PS1Auth’s server-side RFID authentication on the backend.

Client-side software is written in Go.

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