Speech Scrambler on beagleboard

A speech scrambler developed on Beagleboard for scrambling analog audio I/O (in "speech domain"). By scrambling means: processing it digitally using commonly used Cryptography Algorithm (AES, 3DES etc) and or other "unique-your-own-algorithm"

Posted by Angel on 2010-01-11T23:21:01-05:00

The Speech Scrambler is developed on Beagleboard. It involves the development of (at least):

1. Speech Coding (Voice Coder/Encoder)
2. Modulation Techniques
3. Cryptography Algorithm

The modules are leaved to be modular, hence user with their own algorithm can come up easily.

It uses the analog audio I/O — by means, this board can virtually act as “plug-in” for any “speech-data”-source which wants to be transmitted by arbitrary transmitter.

For example, we want to transmit speech data using an Amateur Radio, and we want to “make-the-data-secret”. Then we plug the mic into the ScramblerBeagle and put the output of ScramblerBeagle to the transmitter. Then “boom”!, just talk and your data will be transmitted securely. As consequences, the corresponding side who wants to receive the data may also use this board to recover the data.

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