Smart Electrical Power Analyzer

The Smart Analyzer is an extended version of Oscillogram for Utility Grid with advanced resources: fft analysis on voltage and current.

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This project is an extended version of
Oscillogram for Utility Grid

Beyond monitor the voltage amplitude and frequency on utility grid, the smart analyser run fft analysis on voltage and the load current, measure the power active and reactive and datas are presented to the user in real time. The datas are received from
LaunchPad trough serial uart interface in BeagleBone. In this, the datas are stored in.csv file by a program Energy_QoS (in C). The files created are: dataloger_0.csv (store 8 voltage cycles when a disturbance occurs), dataloger_1.csv (store the frequency, magnitude and powers each 5 seconds) and dataloger_2.csv (store the odd harmonics of voltage and current each 5 seconds). Through Node-red, the user interface was developed, where the.csv files are read and presented in the graphs by the dashboard. On TM4C1294 are connected the devices on analog input An0 and An1, wich measure de voltage and current. To monitor the voltage parameters, a software
phase locked loop
was implemented and fft was implemented
dfft radix-4

System overview

Node-Red flows

Interface (dashboard)

Beaglebone, Tiva and current/voltage sensors

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