Upside Down Challenge

"Stranger Things" Christmas Light message wall.

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Our development team spent time this week working on a team building challenge. We wanted to build the Christmas light alphabet wall from Netflix’s "Stranger Things". Well after about 10 hours of team work spread over 3 days, we finished. You can see the results on our YouTube live stream here

Although the stream is currently down for the holidays. It will return in January. You can send a message from our website here
The messages work on a last in basis so if someone overwrites your message in the queue you will not see it. Also, profanity is filtered so don’t expect to see those messages either. Photos of the build below. Check it out!

The Team:

  • Rob Haag
  • John Santiago
  • Teresa Brant
  • Craig Wertmer
  • Bryant Schuck
  • Joe Hiestand
  • John Bialek
  • Steve Smith
  • Andrew Miller
  • Sean Nicely
  • Keith McCanless

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