Unix Space Sever

A small team of engineers at the US Naval Academy is building a satellite with a Linux BeagleBoard-xM server inside.

Posted by Angel on 2013-09-02T23:04:06-04:00

The Unix Space Server (USS) was conceived as a small satellite server that could provide a faster link between clients and hosts without a need to use the terrestrial network. This report focuses on the feasibility study of producing a low cost, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), open source satellite that can act as a web server and router. The idea of utilizing Internet Protocols in space was originally developed at NASA; however, the project was cut in favor of custom protocol satellites. Linux (an open source Unix operating system) based computers have also been used in spacecraft, but never as servers. The USS 1 satellite is designed provide a simple, low cost communication satellite and demonstrate the capability of COTS components as a Domain Name Server (DNS) in a space environment. The payload on this satellite also has implications for use in UAVs, balloons, and buoys as a communication system and radio location system for operation in a GPS denied environment.

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