A Beagleboard based tool for configuring, deploying, monitoring, running diagnostics and analyzing protocol data in a ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network. The tool will support at first the cheaper XBee modules.

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Posted by Angel on 2012-04-28T13:32:27-04:00

The ZigBeagle will allow locally or remotely over-the-air configure, reprogram and monitor all nodes in a ZigBee network from a very convenient graphic interface. A special purpose ZigBee Network Card will be developed with all the necessary Linux drivers for interfacing with the BeagleBoard. Over the top of the low level drivers a C/C++ API will be written providing a convenient interface to the low level ZigBee functionalty, and over the C/C++ API a modular application software will be developed for all task mentioned: configuring, monitoring, deploying, running diagnostics and analyzing IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee protocol data frames and packets.

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