On-line Community Lightning Talks and Hands-on Training

To complement its $99 world-wide Tech Days 2009 program, TI is putting on a new free, on-line event called eTech Days (http://www.ti.com/etechdays). It is a full day of interactivity and problem-solving on Thursday, August 27 2009.

As just one part of this event, open source community developers are invited to present on their on-going activities and drive discussion on the #beagle IRC channel on Freenode. For more information or to register a talking slot, visit the wiki information page at: http://wiki.omap.com/index.php/ETechDays_Community_Lightning_Talks.

Also, if you haven’t already heard, the Beagle Board is back at ESC Boston! Sign up for hands-on training today at: http://esc-boston.techinsightsevents.com/ti_beagleboard.