BeagleBone Black wins 2013 Top Embedded Innovator award

Embedded Computing Design magazine recently
announced its 2013 Top Embedded Innovator awards.

BeagleBone Black was announced as a winner in the Top Products Silicon category. Hardly surprising, given the waves has been making in the embedded industry for the
last five years.

The August 2013 issue, in addition to announcing the award winners,
includes an article called

DIY pushes open hardware from kindergarten to Kickstarter.

This article looks a bit at some of the thoughts and platforms that has spawned. What an article like this can’t easily
describe is the experience a designer has in prototyping their
concept and then bringing it to market. That story is most easily
told by projects like OpenROV and Ninja Blocks, both of which used BeagleBone to transform prototypes into products.