Google Summer of Code 2014 projects Google Summer of Code 2014 projects

Yesterday, Google announced the project proposals accepted for this
year’s Summer of Code! 7 of those projects are being mentored by See the full list of approved projects at

  • BeagleLogic – Kumar Abhishek will be working on a logic analzer
    utilizing the BeagleBone PRUs as a way to learn about embedded interfaces,
    mentored by Matt Ranostay, Hunyue Yau and Charles Steinkuehler.
  • Kernel MMC+DMA – Saket Sinha will be working on improving the
    MMC and DMA drivers in the Linux kernel, mentored by Joel Fernandes,
    Greg Kroah-Hartman and others.
  • BeaglePilot – Victor Mayoral Vilches will be working on creating
    a Linux-based autopilot for flying robots, mentored by Andrew Tridgell,
    Hunyue Yau, Luis Gustavo Lira and others.
  • Android remote display – Praveen Kumar Pendyala will be working
    on using an Android phone as an all-in-one user interface for BeagleBone,
    mentored by Vladimir Pantelic and Vlad Ungureanu.
  • BotSpeak – Deepak Karki will be working on an interpreter
    firmware that runs on the BeagleBone PRUs to simplify programming them,
    mentored by Pantelis Antoniou, Hunyue Yau, Jason Kridner, Alex Hiam and
  • Bone101 – Diego Turcios will be working on improving the on-board tutorial
    environment for BeagleBone with live-running interactive examples,
    mentored by me (Jason Kridner), Steve French, David Scheltema and
    Jongseuk Lee.
  • PyBBIO – Rekha Seethamraju will be working on improving the
    PyBBIO Python library for BeagleBone for additional sensors, mentored
    by Alex Hiam and Steve French.

Now is the bonding time between students and mentors and tomorrow at noon
US Eastern time is the first official meeting between students and mentors.
All of our student meetings are held in public and you are welcome to join
us and learn more about these exciting projects. We’ll be asking the
students to create small introductory videos or screencasts introducing
their project to the world, making sure they are well aligned with their
mentors and understand their project goals. Stay tuned for those videos!