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OAKLAND TWP, MIOct. 14, 2015— today introduced the BeagleBoard-X15, allowing electronic innovators everywhere to have access to an open community of developers on the most powerful open hardware computer development system available. The BeagleBoard-X15 provides the most flexible processor-based development system with numerous user programmable cores. All of the design materials are released free to the public immediately and manufacturing is gearing up.


A core for any need

Powered by a Sitara™ AM572x processor from Texas Instruments (TI), BeagleBoard-X15 is loaded with fast cores tuned to various programming challenges, providing the most flexible processor-based development system from to date. With dual ARM® Cortex®-A15 cores clocked at 1.5GHz, the BeagleBoard-X15 provides nearly three times the performance per core of a typical ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Accelerated processing of physical world data is made easier than ever with the  dual C66x digital signal processors (DSPs) supported by OpenCL.


BeagleBoard-X15’s available ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller core provides the ability to off-load system control tasks. With the quad-core programmable real-time unit (PRU), BeagleBoard-X15 provides the ability to create software-defined peripherals and extreme low-latency response to events such as sensing and responding to wind gusts around a quad-copter. The new board offers designers video decoding/encoding and 2D/3D graphic acceleration cores that enable a complete multimedia experience without taxing responsiveness on the user programmable cores.


Consumer-level connectivity and beyond

The family continues to grow with consumer-level connectivity. Modern interfaces like USB3, PCle, eSATA and dual gigabit Ethernet provide high-bandwidth connectivity to off-the-shelf storage, communications and imaging peripherals. With available simultaneous HDMI and touch-screen LCD displays, the BeagleBoard-X15 provides no compromise user interaction. The BeagleBoard-X15 is ideal for applications such as robotics, media centers, interactive art, machine vision, home security and industrial automation.


Open software experience

The new BeagleBoard-X15 comes with the open software experience that Makers and Linux enthusiasts know and love. With the BeagleBoard-X15 being a new addition to the Beagle family, refreshes its high-end offering, previously the BeagleBoard-xM, to complement its highly popular low-end offering, BeagleBone Black. Seasoned community members can now seek comfort in the common software experience with which they are already familiar. BeagleBoard-X15 is open hardware with an estimated lifespan of over 10 years. Similar to other designs, the BeagleBoard-X15 eliminates all barriers to extension, customization and development of curriculum.


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