PocketBone designed in KiCad

The PocketBone is an Open Source Hardware design by Michael Welling in KiCad for the Octavo OSD3358 SiP (System-in-Package).   wrote about it recently on Hackaday:

Hackaday: “An Even Smaller BeagleBone”

The BeagleBone famously fits in an Altoids tin. Even though we now have BeagleBone Blacks, Blues, and Greens, the form factor for this curiously strong Linux board has remained unchanged, and able to fit inside a project box available at every cash register on the planet. There is another Altoids tin, though. The Altoid mini…

The KiCad design files are available on GitHub:


Michael writes on hackaday.io that there has been interest expressed in doing a group order of the PocketBone, so he has made a quick survey to get an approximate idea of the demand for the boards:

PocketBone Interest Survey

The 4 layer PocketBone PCB is shared on OSH Park, and Michael will soon be attempting to DIY assembly of the PocketBone with solder paste, stencil and toaster oven:

PocketBone KiCAD (OSHPark Edition)

Order from OSH Park