New BeagleBoard Debian image release cycle

Robert Nelson, board member and Debian image owner, recently announced a new 3-times-a-year release cycle for the Debian images used pre-flashed onto boards and available via the latest-images page on the website. These are the recommended default images for new users, though many other distributions and operating systems are commonly used.

Hi Everyone,

So it’s been a long time since i posted one of these. So let’s go more crazy..

In the past, Image releases have been kinda random. So let’s try to
get things on a better schedule…

Maybe 3 times a year?  We’ve been thinking, Early spring for GSOC,
Before School for universities who use our boards, and a mid December
which fits in between..

So…  With a plan to have an NEW official image released on April
6th, 2020, let’s get started with RC1: (which are up right now..)  New
RC every Monday..

Right now i just want to limit images to the Base Console, IoT and IoT
TIDL.  (For both Stretch 9.12 and Buster 10.3)

Let’s be honest, who really uses the lxqt image? Raise hand???

Issue Tracker:
elinux page with img links:


usb0/usb1: default ip address (
For users that like to plug many Beagle’s into one PC, you can now
stop fighting usb-gadget, under /etc/default/bb-boot, you can now
update the usb0/usb1 default ip address in one location…

Node-RED : 1.0.4


Robert Nelson


For the upcoming April release, he’s recently released his RC2. I’m hopeful to get a few more minor updates to the USB gadget in to enable support for CDC-NCM and a networked back file storage for UF2, but it unfortunately missed the RC2. If you care about those features, you might want to chime in. 😀

Aside: at this point, I’m holding off my official online training announcement to use the new official image to try to give it the best long-term support.

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