BeagleBone® AI Makes a Sneak Preview

A new BeagleBone® made a sneak preview at Embedded World in Germany. Filling the gap between small single board computers (SBCs) and large powerful industrial computers, BeagleBone® AI  ( brings the open source Linux approach to Artificial Intelligence applications development.  Based on the Texas Instruments AM57x family, the BeagleBone® AI gives full access to the […]

Two New PocketBeagle Capes Debut at Embedded World

The leading international trade show and conference for embedded systems with over 32,000 visitors was the perfect place for the PocketBeagle® TechLab Cape and the PocketBeagle® GamePup Cape to make their debut. With plenty of IO and interesting features, these two additions to PocketBeagle® are a great way to have fun while learning embedded programming […]

Getting Started with Elementary School Students and PocketBeagle®

I met 9 year old Charlie Jaffe and his dad, Doug at MakerFaire New York in September 2018 at our® educational booth in the MakerShed. Charlie is a passionate young developer who enjoyed our demos at the booth using® PocketBeagle® and immediately wanted to build some projects of his own. After taking one […]

Light Up Your Holidays with PocketBeagle®

It’s fun and easy to light up your holiday season with® PocketBeagle® It’s tiny size and great 1GHz performance, makes PocketBeagle® the ideal controller for your holiday displays.  In addition to the main 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU, the AM3358 SOC inside PocketBeagle® has a couple of “Aces up it’s sleeve” called PRUs.  The […]

Empowering Innovative Education & Celebrating Community (Maker Faire NYC)

We love New York! The® community gathered at World Maker Faire® 2018 sharing our love of educating with open-source software and hardware in embedded computing. Hundreds of visitors stopped by our booth in the Maker Shed sharing their project ideas with us. Developers of all ages and skills came away with a T-Shirt with […]