BeagleBone® AI Makes a Sneak Preview

A new BeagleBone® made a sneak preview at Embedded World in Germany. Filling the gap between small single board computers (SBCs) and large powerful industrial computers, BeagleBone® AI  ( brings the open source Linux approach to Artificial Intelligence applications development.

BeagleBone AI

 Based on the Texas Instruments AM57x family, the BeagleBone® AI gives full access to the dual TI C66x (digital signal processor) DSP cores and 4 (embedded vision engine) EVE cores supported through an optimized TIDL machine learning OpenCL API. EVE is a fully programmable processor especially useful for computationally intensive algorithms such as computer vision. Also included in the main processor are 4 of our favorite programmable real-time units, PRU. Other specs include a Gigabit Ethernet and high-speed WiFi. In addition to a USB type-A host connection, BeagleBone® AI also includes a USB type-C for both power and dual-role controller, which offers USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connections at 5,000Mbps, over 10 times faster than USB 2.0 high-speed connections at 480Mbps.

Visitors to the booth got a sneak peek at the board which maintains the ‘mint-tin’ small form factor and add-on board cape header compatibility with the BeagleBone® family.

BeagleBone AI Demo
BeagleBone AI Demo

It was exciting to see the reception and feedback from the community of the introductory demonstration of BeagleBone® AI. Visitors were able to interact with the demo showing the camera various items for the demo to recognize. These included favorite items programmers sometimes need such as a coffee mug, sunglasses or a beer glass.

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We are really excited to see what the community will build with the new BeagleBone AI.
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