Revolve at Midwest RepRap Fest

Brian Benchoff writes on the Hackaday blog: Turning The Beaglebone On A Chip Into A 3D Printer Controller It’s understood that 3D printers and CNC machines need to control motors, but there are a few other niceties that are always good to have. It would be great if the controller board ran Linux, had support for […]

SanCloud Launches Indiegogo campaign for SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced

by Jason Kridner and Marc Murphy SanCloud are proud to announce the launch of their crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo for the SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced. Early bird rewards start as low as $52. The SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced is ready for take-off….. SanCloud is enhancing the open source hardware BeagleBone Black design you love with more […]