Fresh Debian 9.5 images

What’s new? * Fixes for zero-install drivers on Windows 10 * Updated Windows driver signatures (in case the zero-install drivers don’t load) * Updated Chromium (fixes) * Updated node-red (fixes, blockly) * Updated bone101 (fixes) * Updated BoneScript (fixes and deprecation of non-node-style callbacks) * Updated librobotcontrol (fixes) * Updated kernel (4.14.71-ti-r80) * Updated bootloader […]

New BeagleBone Debian images published

Jason Kridner writes: Debian 8.7 (Jessie) 2017-03-19 images are now published on, but this version isn’t likely to live more than a few weeks before we push yet another. The big update here is eliminating the need to install drivers for any of Windows, Mac or Linux host users when working over USB networking. […]

Have no fear; BeagleBone Black Rev C is here!

Easier to use, double the memory, Debian based and ready to go from the box   WHAT:           The community asked and we delivered! With BeagleBone Black Rev C, has made the move to the Debian GNU/Linux™ distribution pulling directly from the upstream Debian repositories. This means users will have an environment more familiar […]

Debian Beta images have been released

As posted earlier today on the mailing list, the latest BeagleBone Debian beta images are now posted for broader testing at: If you’ve upgraded the firmware on your BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black in the past, the experience will be quite similar, but you might find the eMMC flashing times a bit faster (~15 minutes […]