Fresh Debian 9.5 images

What’s new?

* Fixes for zero-install drivers on Windows 10
* Updated Windows driver signatures (in case the zero-install drivers don’t load)
* Updated Chromium (fixes)
* Updated node-red (fixes, blockly)
* Updated bone101 (fixes)
* Updated BoneScript (fixes and deprecation of non-node-style callbacks)
* Updated librobotcontrol (fixes)
* Updated kernel (4.14.71-ti-r80)
* Updated bootloader (capemgr now part of bootloader as default since about April)
* Support for many more capes out-of-the-box (

Why now?

Well, I really should be announcing these updates more often. While there have been lots of recent bug fixes and we’ve recently incorporated many elements coming from the Google Summer of Code efforts, the big push for this update is to incorporate the updated zero-install identifiers for recent Windows 10 updates and an updated set of signed driver INF files on the disk image, just in case the zero-install identifiers don’t automatically trigger the Windows driver loading like it should.

So, get them while they are hot and come on over to to let us know how we are doing or how you can get involved.

The images

Below is what is new at

Stretch IoT (without graphical desktop) for BeagleBone and PocketBeagle via microSD card

Stretch LXQT (with graphical desktop) for BeagleBone via microSD card

Stretch for BeagleBoard-X15 via microSD card

Stretch for BeagleBoard and BeagleBoard-xM via microSD card